La Pirata Cartonera Editorial Needs Your Help

Jonathan Osmin Velasquez leads a non-profit editorial based in El Salvador called 
La Pirata Cartonera
Jonathan Osmin Velasquez leads a book making workshop

La Pirata Cartonera publishes the work of authors often excluded or marginalized by big name editorials.  They democratize literacy by producing low–cost books and making them available to people with few resources. 
La Pirata's books on display

La Pirata Cartonera organizes book-making workshops that involve the community in producing books from cardboard.  Through their workshops La Pirata Cartonera also helps to break down economic barriers that tend to keep children from early reading experiences.

Participants in a recent La Pirata book-making workshop

La Pirata recently sustained damage to their laptop which has slowed their ability to edit and produce books. Would you like to collaborate with La Pirata Cartonera editorial by donating a used, but good condition laptop to El Salvador?  If you have a used laptop that is collecting dust in your home that you can donate, we would love to put it to work producing books at La Pirata Cartonera
Please contact me by commenting below or at this email if you can help:

La Pirata's editing set-up and damaged laptop

Damaged laptop close-up

Once we have a laptop to send we can ship it or find someone traveling to the area to deliver the laptop to La Pirata Cartonera.  Another way to help is by sharing this information and spreading the word.  Thank you!