Friday, June 29, 2012

Los de la diáspora...time and tribus

Punk Roke graffiti version of Roque Dalton/ Photo by María Tenorio and Miguel Huezo Mixco 

Living in a different country means there is a jet-lag of experience.  It seems I "discover" things about my country years after they occur and at the same time can see the impact of these past events immediately in the present.  So, FYI not only does the diaspora subject live two places, but in a strange non linear post-modernish time.  I found out about a great NEW book and research except it is not "new."  It is Laurí García's Tribus Urbanos (2011) in which she reports findings based on 2 months living with Salvadoran subculture groups including emos, punks, metaleros etc.  Her research was conducted in 2009.  I've only skimmed the book, but have found that it is available on pdf here and also that the CCESV has a video recording de una ponencia en la que García presents and discusses her book.  The ponencia is from December 2011 which means I am only 7 months behind being current!

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